Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31

Is it still possible that I am losing pounds FAST? I've only been on this diet for 5 days. I was 160.3lbs this morning! It is 6+ lbs. in 5 days! I am so happy with the results! I will surely recommend this to family and friends!:)

I had yogurt and a cracker this morning, am planning to have chicken + veggies for lunch, and beef + veggies for dinner, which I will bring with me because I will meet up with my girl friend!

Excited to shop for new smaller size shirt! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30

Good morning!:) I feel lighter! Yey! The yogurt and vegetable pain is paying off!:) I don't know if it is just me or am really loosing weight. Unfortunately, I checked my measurements last night and it hasn't changed yet, so maybe what I am losing now are actually waters.:) So, anyway, I had yogurt again today, and I will try to have yogurt everyday for 2 weeks before I change my menu. I am really avoiding additional vegetable and fruits in my system, LOL!:)

Off to class! A student waiting for me!:)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29

Hi there! Good news! I tried the weighing scale this morning, and you won't believe that I already lost 4 lbs! I am now 163.4 as of last night! So, I guess this diet really works IF YOU FOLLOW STRICTLY as they say.

I am on my yogurt again but will consume 1 of my cracker allowance for the day also, not that I am craving for it, but for a change. Well, it is not that I am not allowed to eat anything other than Yogurt for breakfast, I can have egg + vegetables or Cheese + vegetable, but I am just saving my self from the pain of eating vegetable AGAIN.

You know, vegetable is not something I enjoy, and I know that it is healthy and stuff but I really am not a fan since childhood. I don't know if I am glad that this diet is pushing my system the nutrients I needed from the greens or I might throw a fit any time soon. Maybe I'll learn to love it in the future, who knows right?

Alright! I'll finish my delisyoso yogurt now!:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28.

So I survived my dreadful first day on the Cohen's.. I had chicken chopseuy last night and I had yogurt for breakfast earlier. I prepared beef with stir fry for lunch and I am going to bring it with me, so I can have my lunch while Joan and Dennis will eat somewhere delisyoso... I promise to order soda later so I will not be envious of them!:)

Off to greenbelt for Sleeping Beauty!:) Will keep you posted on my weight progress!:)


Friday, August 27, 2010


Howdy? I had 175g of yogurt today at 7:30am. My lunch will be at 12:30pm. I will have steak and some vegetables. I weighed my food last night and man, it was a tiring thing to do! Imagine, you have to be precise with the weight, I mean you cannot go under or over the weight given you.

You're probably wondering how my breakfast went? It is b-a-d but manageable. I eat frozen yogurt and flavored yogurt alright, but this plain yogurt is unacceptable! :)

I will update about the taste of the food later. I think it's going to be super bland!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, I got my Personal Eating Plan yesterday. I promised that I will update yesterday's post but I didn't. I wasn't able to update because I was dead-tired. I was in glorietta after my visit to the Cohen's clinic (4:30pm) up to 7:30pm. I don't have a car so I needed to wait for my partner to pick me up since his office is just a block away from glorietta. It was worth the wait though, I exercised and it saved me p70 off the cab ride!:)

Anyway, I got my plan. It says that full heavy meals should have a 5-hour interval. I can have a munchy (cracker) after 2.5hours. and another munchy at 2.5 hours. In a day, I am only allowed to eat 2 munchies!

I am stuck with this diet for 7 months because I need to lose more than 40lbs. Think I can do it? Wish me luck!

On my shopping list now!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The day that I've been waiting for!

Hi there! I had a call earlier that my diet was ready for pick up!:) I will update later!:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2nd day!:)

Just got home from Hospicio de San Jose. It feels so good!:)

So, earlier I texted Olive from the Cohens and I asked her about my plan, unfortunately, the plan is not yet ready for pick-up. It's been 4 days since I've been celebrating my despedida to the heavy weight world!:D I ate gorgonzola penne for lunch and mamon with iced tea for snack. Will prepare fish for dinner, south beach diet style.

I will now officially end my despedida galore *sob* and start to embrace a new world wherein only minimal food intake is allowed. Will first eliminate some carbs on my system so that I'll be a 100% ready when my diet plan arrives.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First entry

Hello there! I am new here and I don't know how to begin. Well, obviously I have a weight problem, from 110lbs. I gained 57lbs (and counting), yes, I am now 167 lbs. The weight accumulated over the years without me being aware. Over the last 6 months, I've tried several ways to lose weight (Fasting, South Beach Diet, Diet Pills, 7 days slimming coffee, and more!).

2 weeks ago, my partner introduced me to this new diet fad, the COHENS PROGRAM. I am really willing to go through anything just to lose weight but not until I found out the cost we have to pay for the program. IT IS EXPENSIVE!

They at Cohen's of course claims that their program is different and is not just "THE DIET FAD" we know. So apparently, they will design a diet that it suited to your body. I've undergone blood test 2 weeks ago and was about to go to the Cohen's clinic to pick up the results and the eating program designed for me until I received a message thru text from Cohen's that the plan is not yet ready, and that we need to reschedule.

I am so looking forward to my visit at the Cohen's to know what my diet is. What's causing my weight gain and blah blah blah..

And just so you know, I am writing this journal so that I will keep true to my diet, with you (I don't know if who's going to read this, or if anyone will read this, but at least, I will try to think that there is someone out there who will read this) so, with you reading this, I will feel guilty to cheat and I won't cheat because if I cheat I promise to write it down here.:)

And by the way, I am a self confessed alcoholic. A good one! (That is how a friend describes the way we drink) *wink* Will miss drinking!!:(

So there, I will keep you posted! Will eat lunch now!!:D