Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2016

So I stopped Cohen. Became vegetarian. Tried all the diet there is. Still fat. In fact I am now 172lbs. :( I am struggling. Desperate. Depressed. :(

Friday, January 20, 2012

I am back

How are you??:) This is my first post after such a long long while.. I am back to motivate you as I now am a little over weight again.. I don't like yoyo dieting and I don't like crash diets. I realized that if you want to lose weight, it has to be a lifestyle. You can eat what ever you want but it should be in moderate.. I also did a lot of research on dieting. You can't really loose weight by starving yourself as it the pounds will go back with a vengeance!! You know why? Because of the thing called metabolism. So if you starve your self, your body will reserve every energy and fat it could save.... Ask me questions about it! Difficult to explain!! So anyway, I suggest that eating less + exercising really work!! Take it from an over weight kiddo like me!;)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How are you guys?

Been so long since I last posted anything here. I am still enjoying my vegetarian diet. Not loosing any weight though. Figured out I've been consuming lotsa carbs and oily stuff lately. Any suggestions? Do you think I should re-enroll my self in cohen's diet but choose vegetarian meals then? It is a little pricey I should say. And also, I guess I started to feel this back/hip pain since I went to that diet, did I mention that before? Maybe not. Anyway, I feel like a loser -- why did I succumb to the anger that was when the cohen assistant used that tone to me. Haha!!:) Will have cereals now. Planning to have vegetarian chicken for lunch and who knows what to eat for dinner. LOL.:) Dang, also, I am into baking these days, am also in a small pastry business, so can't help myself munching into all the sugar, geesh! Sorry if I am a disappointment to all my followers. I will get you all motivated,again. See the new me as I search for another healthy way to lose the fat! See you all soon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17

This post is unrelated with losing weight, this is just me as a proud mom. Joan (my daughter) is working as a part of McDonald's kiddie crew and I am so happy with the things that she is now appreciating, she now know that you just don't get money from the machine (ATM), she has a better understanding of the word WORK and MONEY now. Also, she learned to have a little more sense of responsibility. She doesn't want to be late and she is trying very hard to blend in with the different kids around her.

So okay, maybe I have to input something about my diet, hehe.. I had sayote (chayote) for lunch, and small fries for merienda with coffee. I am planning to have salad for dinner tonight.

May 17

Argh!! I gained 3 lbs. within the week because I enrolled my daughter in McDonald's kiddie crew so I ended up ordering and eating fries with mayonnaise. Will be back on my routine on Thursday (it is her last day tomw). It's just that I can't order anything there. No veggies.:(

Regarding the pictures, I don't know why I can't find the wire/ USB to connect my camera to my computer.. Huhu.. Here is me in black and white taken 2 weeks ago. Vain. I know..:D