Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17

This post is unrelated with losing weight, this is just me as a proud mom. Joan (my daughter) is working as a part of McDonald's kiddie crew and I am so happy with the things that she is now appreciating, she now know that you just don't get money from the machine (ATM), she has a better understanding of the word WORK and MONEY now. Also, she learned to have a little more sense of responsibility. She doesn't want to be late and she is trying very hard to blend in with the different kids around her.

So okay, maybe I have to input something about my diet, hehe.. I had sayote (chayote) for lunch, and small fries for merienda with coffee. I am planning to have salad for dinner tonight.

May 17

Argh!! I gained 3 lbs. within the week because I enrolled my daughter in McDonald's kiddie crew so I ended up ordering and eating fries with mayonnaise. Will be back on my routine on Thursday (it is her last day tomw). It's just that I can't order anything there. No veggies.:(

Regarding the pictures, I don't know why I can't find the wire/ USB to connect my camera to my computer.. Huhu.. Here is me in black and white taken 2 weeks ago. Vain. I know..:D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 4

After months of haitus I am back!!:) I've been on the go for the last few months.. It was fun!! Went to Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Fiji, Singapore... What else? Hmm.. La la la.. I DIDN'T GAIN ANY!! Well, I was expecting to gain something because my diet also did rest for a while. It's a good thing a fellow blogger commented on my page that I remembered to post again.

Well honestly, I am now a vegetarian and that made me not push tru with cohens (main reason) and 2nd is a personal reason.

I try to do cohens as much as possible, I do cohen meal once a day, I still weigh, I still time my meal to 5 hours. BUT I added some food not ok with my program.

I know I have been promising that I will post pictures, so I'll do it. NOW!! Hehe.:)