Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How are you guys?

Been so long since I last posted anything here. I am still enjoying my vegetarian diet. Not loosing any weight though. Figured out I've been consuming lotsa carbs and oily stuff lately. Any suggestions? Do you think I should re-enroll my self in cohen's diet but choose vegetarian meals then? It is a little pricey I should say. And also, I guess I started to feel this back/hip pain since I went to that diet, did I mention that before? Maybe not. Anyway, I feel like a loser -- why did I succumb to the anger that was when the cohen assistant used that tone to me. Haha!!:) Will have cereals now. Planning to have vegetarian chicken for lunch and who knows what to eat for dinner. LOL.:) Dang, also, I am into baking these days, am also in a small pastry business, so can't help myself munching into all the sugar, geesh! Sorry if I am a disappointment to all my followers. I will get you all motivated,again. See the new me as I search for another healthy way to lose the fat! See you all soon!