Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, I got my Personal Eating Plan yesterday. I promised that I will update yesterday's post but I didn't. I wasn't able to update because I was dead-tired. I was in glorietta after my visit to the Cohen's clinic (4:30pm) up to 7:30pm. I don't have a car so I needed to wait for my partner to pick me up since his office is just a block away from glorietta. It was worth the wait though, I exercised and it saved me p70 off the cab ride!:)

Anyway, I got my plan. It says that full heavy meals should have a 5-hour interval. I can have a munchy (cracker) after 2.5hours. and another munchy at 2.5 hours. In a day, I am only allowed to eat 2 munchies!

I am stuck with this diet for 7 months because I need to lose more than 40lbs. Think I can do it? Wish me luck!

On my shopping list now!!

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