Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29

Hi there! Good news! I tried the weighing scale this morning, and you won't believe that I already lost 4 lbs! I am now 163.4 as of last night! So, I guess this diet really works IF YOU FOLLOW STRICTLY as they say.

I am on my yogurt again but will consume 1 of my cracker allowance for the day also, not that I am craving for it, but for a change. Well, it is not that I am not allowed to eat anything other than Yogurt for breakfast, I can have egg + vegetables or Cheese + vegetable, but I am just saving my self from the pain of eating vegetable AGAIN.

You know, vegetable is not something I enjoy, and I know that it is healthy and stuff but I really am not a fan since childhood. I don't know if I am glad that this diet is pushing my system the nutrients I needed from the greens or I might throw a fit any time soon. Maybe I'll learn to love it in the future, who knows right?

Alright! I'll finish my delisyoso yogurt now!:)

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