Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6

Why didn't I discover earlier that blogging will help me express my feelings and emotion, with or without follower? SIGH.

So, I had yogurt for breakfast, and now I am having peppered steak with veggies. I will message my consultant on when the next blood test will be.

I am planning to do some running, unfortunately I am BUSY. Will bring my daughter in doctor later then I have a class, earlier today I had the car cleaned, also I coordinated with the engineer because our floor suddenly popped, I attended to an interested buyer of the Pajero and I even attended to the interested buyer of the TV and the cellphones. What a long day! I am  having my lunch now. Will take a bath in a while then off to do more errands!:)

Ciao! Bye bye pounds!:)

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