Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5

My partner, Dennis keeps on praising me.. He is so proud that I loss some inches off my bulky appearance. Keeps me motivated I must say.:)

Had yogurt with fruits for breakfast at 8:30am today, so I will have my lunch around 2 in the afternoon. I guess I will not be joining my family again for lunch.:(

Should I be writing personal inputs here aside from my weight issues? Er, I am not sure, well it is hard to write when there are some thoughts running your inside your head. While I am writing this, I've decided that yea, I shouldn't bore you with dilemmas, instead I should motivate you (if you are trying/ planning to lose weight) or share with you the struggles I am into as I try to lose weight and stick with Cohen's program.

I will have beef for lunch! Yey!:)

Will keep you posted. Will weigh and measure soon!:)


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