Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13

Just a rant. Didn't get the chance to rant the last week. I really hate the way the cohen consultant talked to me. I was asking her if I can change my program with vegetarian plan, she responded in a way that offended me.. Here is a scit, as to how I remembered our conversation.

ME: Dear, I am planning to be a vegetarian, pwede ba natin palitan yung program ko?
Dear, I am planning to be a vegetarian, can we change my plan?

Cohen: Pwede kaso kailangan mo ulit magbayad, kasi diba may pinasagutan kami dati bago ka magstart kung vegetarian ka o hindi?
Can be, but you need to pay again, we asked you to fill up a questionnaire before as to whether you're a vegetarian or not right?

Well, I may be sentitive but i really hate her tune. It made me feel that I lied before. That is when I also raised my voice.

ME: Alam ko, kaya nga tinatanong ko kung pwede o hindi di ba? Dati kasi hindi ako vegetarian kaya nga ang sabi ko pinaplano ko ngayon diba?

I know, that is why i am asking you now right? Before I am not a vegetarian and now I am planning to be one.

Then that is when she became polite.

Well, I am paying them for their program and their service. They should at least be polite. That girl, has been so annoying. She has a f and p problem and when I sms her, she always respond late. So there.

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