Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13

So I am back. Well last night I weigh my self and I am 148.8lbs. Cool eh?:) I am now watching my water intake because obviously it has a major role on my shredding pounds. Since I came back from our Phuket trip, I started to be serious with my water intake again, I was stuck with 150lbs for long then when I started taking a lot of water again, now I am 148.8 lbs.:)

Aside from my 30-minute treadmill brisk walking, swimming and dieting, I am now also smiling a lot. Doesn't make sense right? Well, actually it make sense. I am trying to be happy despite my weight problem. Trying to accept the fact that if I frown I'll not only be ugly on the outside but also on the inside, since the "smile power" I can feel the good vibes from underneath..

Okay, enough, you might start thinking "Woooh, now this girl is crazy!". Haha! So now I will tell you about my food intake.

I had egg and veggies for breakfast (as usual), then I am planning to have cheese and veggies for lunch and then tofu with veggies for dinner.

Another thing, you may suggestions on what I should input on this blog, please feel free to comment!


See you around!

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