Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9

First rule I promise to do. DO NOT WEIGH YOUR SELF EVERYDAY!

Haha! It is depressing to know that my weight loss is slowing down, yea, but I know that I shouldn't because I already lost 11lbs. and that it is not always the weighing scale that indicates if we lose weight or not, it is the inches off your body. I know that and I should keep that in mind. LMAO.

Back to the normal breakfast, I had yogurt with orange.:) Maybe I'll have chicken for lunch and beef for dinner. *again*

You notice that I do not eat fish much, it is because I don't like tuna. I am allergic to prawns, shrimps, crabs etc etc. I don't know what flounder fish is, so I am stuck with Tilapia and our yaya keeps on stealing my Tilapia, I think it is her favorite.:D

Will keep you posted!

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