Monday, September 20, 2010

September 19

Well today is one of the hardest day for me.. Sunday!!!

I cooked my family breakfast, bacon and egg with pancakes and coffee for Dennis, and Hotdog with Pancake and a freshly squeezed orange juice for my Joan while I am having an egg omelette with pechay... The smell of the bacon, the pancake and the hotdog is burning to my throat..:(

After breakfast, we drove to Sta. Rosa for fun. Yea it WAS fun then came lunch...

...Itallianis is full so we decided to eat at Conti's. I had a sandwich without eating the bread and salad without pouring the dressing, while Joan had Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet and Dennis Linguini Pasta... Since it is Conti's the next is expected. The two ordered Bananalicious cake while there I am, sitting and staring...

The worst part came during the dinner. We ate at a friend's house. They serve Cheese, bread, pasta, grilled chicken, curry, GRILLED STEAK AND WINE. Such a pain that I can only taste one! I can't have 2 proteins at a time, so I had to choose between chicken and beef in which of course, I chose the latter. Another thing is that, I cannot drink wine, and Beef is supposed to be eaten with Wine. ARGH!!:( Did I tell you that I was once an alcoholic? Can you imagine what it is like for me? Dang! If I loose all these fats, I won't allow myself to gain again! I'd rather drink than have my dinner..:(

So if you're thinking that gaining 2 lbs. is okay, better think again. Because 2 lbs. this month and 2lbs. the next month will accumulate and the result will be 24lbs. in one year!!

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