Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17

Ya yah I know. I missed 2 days. I am going to defend myself, I had to work my fat a** out. I've been hitting the gym for days now, and I have been swimming, EVERYDAY for almost a week now. So that's the reason for my AWOL.

Still in 155lbs though...:( Am I doing something wrong? Losing my patience and confidence. I will up a blood test again on the 24th.:(

Menu for today:
Egg and veggies for breakfast.
Cheese with veggies for lunch.
Chicken and veggies for dinner.

I had half Apple and half mango.
I had one cracker.
I had 2 green tea's.

Work out for today:
20mins. on the threadmill
30 mins on the pool.


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